CFD animations

Results from an OpenFOAM RANS simulation (based on the windAroundBuildings tutorial case that comes with OpenFOAM). The animation is made with pvpython and Imagemagick as shown here.

Vertical cross sections from a simulation of the stratocumulus-topped atmospheric boundary layer performed with the EULAG model. The simulation is based on measurements from the first flight of the DYCOMS-II campaign, and the animation shows the liquid water mixing ratio (qc). It is made with MATLAB and Imagemagick as shown here

This animation is similar to the one above but shows the water vapor mixing ratio instead of the liquid water mixing ratio.

2D OpenFOAM simulation (LES) of the flow over a backward-facing step. The setup is based on the experimental work of Pitz and Daily (1981). See also

Snapshots from a large-eddy simulation of shallow cumulus convection (following the setup of Siebesma et al. 2003). Colored circles indicate grid points with qc > 0, and the “shadows” on the lower surface indicate the sum of qc over all grid points in each column.